Helping you look and feel your best from the inside out.

Do you want to finally take some time for YOU? You’ve spent years dedicated to your family, partner, kids, friends… and now it’s time to shift the focus to you. Allow yourself to splurge on that therapeutic massage. Treat yourself to that facial you’ve been dreaming about. And open yourself up to the deep inner healing that is going to ripple into every aspect of your life for results like you’ve never even imagined.

Your external is a direct reflection of your internal. So when we clean up both, we open ourselves up to a new found self love that we’ve secretly been wanting for so long.

When we work together, I’ll help you address the immediate needs of the external - your skin, tension in your back, anxiety, body contouring, or whatever is bugging you - but then I also guide you in going deeper to identify and heal the root cause of your issues.

You’ve tried the med spas. You’ve tossed around the idea of spending money on self care. But you haven’t taken the leap yet. Or if you have, you didn’t love it. I offer a different approach. A holistic, mind + body integration where you feel heard, seen, and truly cared for.

When you work with me..
  • Access to all the state of the art beauty technology we have to offer
  • Education and recommendations on what essential oils and Young Living products would be a perfect fit for you
  • Confidence that you can heal yourself, and validation that you’re not “crazy” for seeking alternative health options
  • A natural, refreshed look, and an overall new “glow” you will love
  • Confidence in your physical appearance when we target those trouble spots that diet and exercise just haven’t been helping
  • Less stress and anxiety in your life thanks to my broad selection of therapeutic techniques
  • A deeper understanding of the root issues of your problems and a clear path to heal them

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If you could look in the mirror and LOVE what you see, how would that make you feel?

Imagine feeling refreshed, lighter, more peaceful, and confident. All of these internal feelings are going to show up on your face and body! It’s remarkable what our bodies are capable of when we make self care a priority.

Here are the different services I provide to get you to that ultimate result:


Massage therapy for the immune system, lymphatic system, and overall detox
Therapeutic, Raindrop, hot stones, cupping, advanced lymphatic with XP2
Vibration plate (for use after body sculpting treatments)
Ionic Foot detox
HaloIR Cabin for far infrared sauna and dry salt therapy (like a private salt cave)
Functional Nutrition
Young Living oils, products, and education
Herbal products
COMING SOON: Acupuncture


Microcurrent facial rejuvenation
Radio frequency skin tightening (Thermalift)
Lipo sculpt lite
DermaSmooth (body contouring and cellulite treatments)
Holistic facial
Zyto Balance Scans
Microcurrent Meridian Balancing
Young Living oils, products, and education
Herbal products


Transformational Healing Coaching 
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Time Line Therapy

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Make this chapter of your life the best one yet.

You deserve it. All of it. You deserve to feel healthy, to have energy again, to feel beautiful, to love your body, and to heal the inner parts of you that have been craving love and attention for years. 

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