I Healed Myself and You Can Too

If you find yourself searching for more natural options for beauty and body treatments, you’re in the right place.

They weren’t giving me answers… so I took the lead and found my own way.

Almost all of the tools and skills that I share with my clients, I first experienced myself.

It was through my own healing journey overcoming autoimmune hashimoto's hypothyroidism that I realized allopathic medicine didn’t have a solution for me. All they could really do was chalk my symptoms up to age and send me on my way packed with a lifetime of medication, and all the nasty side effects that go along with them
And I was not okay with that. So I chose a different path. And I’m sharing everything that I have learned with you.

I was able to discover that through natural remedies like essential oils and herbal supplements, plus lifestyle changes like eating clean whole foods, moving my body regularly, learning how to avoid chemicals, steering clear of toxins, and opening myself up to deep, inner healing work, I could HEAL MYSELF. And I did! And so can you.

Our bodies have the ability to self heal and all we have to do is unlock those tools.

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