This is photobiomodulation technology. NUMEROUS issues and symptoms can improve when you increase your copper peptides with light and activate your regenerative cells.

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If not, this is the BEST place to start.
  • Two short 2 minute videos at the top
  • Before and after pictures
  • 18 minute video by the inventor explaining the technology further
  • Links to clinical studies and patents
  • What to expect your cells to be doing from the first hour using the x39 phototherapy patches
  • More videos of doctors sharing their experiences and others
  • Scroll WAY to the bottom - SO much on this page!
The next great resource if you are a reader is the book: How to Reverse Aging: A Comprehensive Guide to Copper Peptides by Dr. Jon Harmon.
  • Compiles research done since the 1970’s on copper peptides by Dr. Loren Pickart and more
  • This video is a one hour webinar by Dr. Harmon summarizing the book and studies:
Join us for several weekly live podcasts on a variety of topics. Several of them done by Dr. Staci Holweger are so very informative that I’m listing recordings of a few here. Her YouTube channel is a great source of many more!
Hear scientist founder and inventor, David Schmidt, explain the importance of the x39 and Aeon combo as a Dynamic Duo. This is what everyone should be using as a baseline. x39 every day and Aeon every night

HYDRATION! Remember that your cells NEED to be well hydrated for optimal cellular function. This technology will NOT be as effective for you if you are not well hydrated. Drink half your body weight in ounces AT LEAST daily. If you consume coffee, tea, or lots of protein, your body will need MORE than average water intake. 

Many times water alone is not enough. Adding mineral salts to your water for electrolytes will be even more effective for you. Avoid plastic water bottles as much as possible to avoid consuming toxins when you are working to eliminate toxins. Use a refillable bottle and fill from a clean filtered water source. The quality of your water matters. 

Whether your interest in LifeWave is for your health and longevity, the health of those you love, and/or the opportunity to earn an income of any size, I hope you'll dig in to learn more!

If you are already part of our LifeWave community using the technology, WELCOME!

If you are exploring this technology and would like to know the best value for ordering, contact me. I'd be glad to help you get started. It can average out to about $150/month to use x39 & Aeon daily. Plan to commit to at least 4 months (or more for at least a month for every decade of your age.)

This technology looks so simple - a sticker! Yet it has literally changed my life in a very short time. Let's share our stories and help more of those we care about experience this potential! 

Health & Blessings,
Robyn Kelly
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