Good news... about covid?

Good news... about covid?
"It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has." -Hippocrates

There are a LOT of voices swirling around right now about avoiding covid and they are generally of the external nature. How about a look at the things we are in control of?
Did you know that you have immense control over your health? It’s true! And even with deeply rooted issues, epigenetics teaches us that only 10% of our foundational response is based on the genetic dispositions we are born with. 90% of our response is related to the impact of our diet, lifestyle, and environment. That’s right! We are mostly in control of ourselves!
It is a bit sobering to take ownership of that control. That means I have to hold myself responsible for most of my health outcomes. Individual responsibility is not always very popular. Am I right? (Think about our lawsuit happy culture… if we are responsible – who do we sue?!?)
There is good news for those of us that are willing to take responsibility. We have a LOT of options! When it comes to four different phases of managing covid on an individual basis (prevention, infection, inflammation, and recovery) we have tools to make a difference! Masks and social distancing are not high up on the list. Want to know what DOES make a difference?

Stay tuned... there are a lot of things we can do. Want a quick list of easy things you can work on right now? Grab my PANDEMIC TIPS until next blog. ~Robyn

New, New, New!

New, New, New!
It's a new month, a new year, and even a new decade! I'm not one to make a resolution. Working on goals is an ongoing project all through the year. Of course taking care of my health is high on that ongoing list at all times! I know I'm not alone here. 

So how many people decided to start off all this newness with a colon cleanse. You? No? Sounds fun, right? The Master Cleanse. It's actually a beautiful thing! I did my second MC over a year ago and had intended to do it again much sooner that this. But life happens, amiright? 

For me this was a crazy year of transition with more than a little struggle with a funk of depression. Did you know that your gut health has a connection to your emotional and brain health? And even though I KNOW this, I still let myself wander down paths of less than ideal eating habits and get into a rut of being lazy and not active enough. I think I've gained 15 lbs this year! Leaving sunny San Diego for a move to the windy city of Chicago in the heart of winter can really shock the system! 

While I am not doing The Master Cleanse to lose weight, usually some weight will go. And I gladly tell it good bye! The biggest benefit I experience is breaking lots of little bad habits. 

Have you ever noticed the little things you do that are connected with a place or action? On my last cleanse I noticed how often I reached for a handful of raw almonds or cashews throughout the day. I found that every time I went to Costco I got a Mocha freeze as I was leaving as an 'occasional' treat. On each visit to Sprouts I left with a little bag of dark chocolate covered almonds from the bulk bins. 

I only did the cleanse for 10 days yet the amount of unhealthy habits I had let creep in were surprising to me! It brought me awareness and got me back to a place of mindfulness with my choices. So here I am again. And I have a new round of unhealthy habits to break and get back on track. 

Want to explore The Master Cleanse with me? It is intimidating at first to consider. But it is totally doable and the potential benefits are numerous! Join me on Instagram - I'll share the journey! I'm glad to answer questions. The best resource authority is the book The Complete Master Cleanse by Tom Woloshyn. I highly recommend reading it all the way through once before starting! 

So here's to new beginnings!