Mindset Matters

Mindset Matters
You hear this often but do you know why or how mindset makes a difference? And what kind of a difference does it make? Those are quantum level questions. And also accessible concepts for all of us. 

We think of using our mind or our will power to DO the things we want to do. How often do you find that will power fails you? Or doesn’t provide the lasting changes you are seeking? 

We have two tracks running our mind - the conscious and the subconscious. Consciousness is where we are learning something new or intentionally focused. That’s about 10% of your mind’s activity. That’s the activity of will power. The subconscious is where the previously learned activity runs from. Habits. This is everything that runs on autopilot. The 90%.

Will power is making attempts to change course from the conscious thinking level. The subconscious however is really running the show and is much stronger at keeping previously learned habits going. The subconscious wants to protect you and keep things from changing into a potentially dangerous unknown.

So how do we make a difference in our mindset. We must tap into that subconscious level to start making meaningful changes that will last. There are many ways to do that! Prayer and meditation are among the most accessible. Often we need some more help along the way. We will explore some of those options in other posts. 

For now, do you have a goal of weight loss and need some help with will power or habits? Try our free Guided Meditation for Weight Loss. We use this concept to tap into the place where true change can begin. Let us know how it helps you!